Mountain Sculpture Activities

Here are links to highlights of selected meetings:

Direct-Mold Plaster Workshop
at Yummy Mud Puddle
April 2009

Glass Casting Workshop
February 2009

Collaborative Sculpture
November 2006

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Stone Carving Demo

     Given by Todd Fromm,  July 15, 2013
     at his studio on Riverside Drive, Asheville
Todd explains the hard facts about stone
Tools are what make us different from the apes
Pneumatic tools make a lot of noise
Julia demonstrates the stone holding technique used by the ancients
Discussion and munchies
Everybody participates

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Group Sculpture

     Summer, 2014:
 Mountain Scuptors got together on Ralph Berger's beautiful farm to take scraps and make a sculpture
Dave and Ralph consider materials
Ripp considering options
Testing possible layouts
The finished product
The art critic making his evaluation
The finished product
The happy torch wielder
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